"Finally I can dedicate myself to my projects on the weekends."

Lydia lives in Bern and found the perfect domestic help through Homeservice24. The 30-year-old is happy to finally have more time for her projects on the weekends instead of having to clean the flat all the time.


Lydia found a trustworthy cleaning lady for her single flat at Homeservice24.

What motivated you to look for a domestic helper?

Lydia: I live alone and work full time for a large insurance company. This usually entails very long working days and a lot of business trips. When I get home late at night, I don't feel like wielding a feather duster. I usually made up for it on the weekends, but this meant that my hobbies fell short. So I started looking for someone to clean my flat when I'm away.

“I have great confidence in my current cleaning lady.”

Has your lifestyle changed since you got a home help?

Lydia: Absolutely! I can finally dedicate my weekends to my projects and not have to constantly think about cleaning at home before the work week starts again. I am an outdoor enthusiast. I like to hike and photograph the beautiful nature that surrounds us here. A Saturday or Sunday quickly flies by and I fall onto the sofa in the evening just as exhausted as I am after a long day at work.


Thanks to my cleaning help, I can dedicate my weekends to my projects instead of cleaning the flat before the work week starts again.

What do you expect from a domestic helper?

Lydia: Besides the quality of the work, trust is important to me! After all, I let someone into my private space in my absence. I don't want to discover at some point that something is missing or that damage has been covered up. That would be a clear breach of trust and an absolute no-go for me. But I have great confidence in my current cleaning lady.

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