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We enable and help our clients to find the best person for help in their daily life. We provide the facility to contact cleaning and other qualified personnel or to advertise jobs wanted.

Furthermore, we assist with all employment matters according to Swiss Law, provide help with the obligatory insurance policy and salary administration. Qualified personnel can publish their profile free of charge and search the job database.

Our Team

Eveline Villiger
Certified nurse
Customer support German
Juggles her schedule, plays the pan-flute and loves nature and Mother of three children
Miren Bengochea
Certified industrial engineer
Marketing and product development
Talented analyst, social butterfly and snowboarder
Ghena Nikolaeva Handjieva
Student in french and social anthropology
Project management and public relations
Creative, communicative and fascinated by opera
Christoph Seitz
Lic. rer. publ.
Marketing and communications
Self-made intrapreneur, tennis player and cosmopolitan
Sandro Principe
Dr. oec. HSG
Co-Founder, Co-Partner, General Manager
Sports fan, culture enthusiast, father of three sons
Tom Stierli
Master of Science, ETH
Co-Founder, Co-Owner, General Manager
Passionate entrepreneur, skier and art lover
Tino Wendland
Certified computer scientist
Co-Founder, Co-Owner, CTO
IT god and table-tennis legend

The Lemonfrog Story

Sandro, one of our founders, found that following the birth of three sons his life was enriched but also much more complicated: not so spontaneous, the relationship with his partner became strained, and the love of life in general was more and more lost.

This fact was discussed with his friend Tom over a glass of beer. Tom, a young entrepreneur and one-time work colleague, could hardly believe that Sandro faced problems, even in the year 2007, when trying to find a babysitter on the internet. But it was like that.

Faced with adversity an idea was born, and today, this has helped many parents! Fired with the perception to create and develop the first Swiss babysitter-carers platform, Sandro and Tom contacted Tino. Tino, a gifted website programmer, by chance had also thought about this idea, and had already developed a prototype system. After a few snags and refinements, the first mutual project Babysitting24 was created, that is today the Swiss nationwide leading carers’ platform for babysitters, nannies and day-carers. The company named Lemonfrog was formed.

Sandro’s sons who were now getting older, wished for some pets. After this wish was repeated many times, Sandro succumbed and gave his sons two cats, Kojac and Colombo, for Christmas. However, the next problem was already just waiting – now planning to go on vacation became more complicated. The solution was found in the form of the second Lemonfrog care platform Petsitting24 – a useful service for pet owners that needed some free time or be able to enjoy a holiday.

The founders’ additional private requirements lead to the creation of more care platforms such as Homeservice24, Seniorservice24, and Tutor24.

Over the years, and thanks to the professional and serious quality of the Lemonfrog Platforms, we have achieved invaluable partnerships with the Coop Newspaper, the Beobachter and many other notable establishments. All the staff at Lemonfrog are borne by the positive flow of customer feedback and motivated to bring many people together in the future, and to simplify life – from the cradle until old age.

Your Opinion

Your opinion is valuable to us! Do you have questions, criticism, tips or wishes ? We are pleased to hear from you:

Please write to:

Lemonfrog AG
Rigistrasse 20c
8185 Winkel

General Managers:
Sandro Principe, Tom Stierli, Tino Wendland

E-Mail: questions@homeservice24.ch

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Commercial Register
Registration number: CH-
UID: CHE-113.678.100

Homeservice24 is developed and operated in Switzerland. All data can be found on Swiss servers.