How do I hire a domestic helper?

At Homeservice24 we help private persons and companies and domestic helpers to find each other. But what happens afterwards? If the domestic helper is not self-employed, then the next step is the legal employment. It is easy and can be done in less than half an hour.
What many people do not know: The direct employment of a domestic helper can save them up to 1'300 CHF per year compared to agencies that earn money for every hour worked.

Our assistant Fairboss will help you

We want to make the direct employment of a domestic helper as easily and fast as possible for everyone. That's why we have developed our service Fairboss: An employment assistant that will guide you through all the steps of the hiring process. This way you can hire your domestic helper within a very short time.

Fairboss offers you these free services:

Everything explained

Our assistant will guide you through the employment process. Step by step!

Contract template

Define all important points and avoid unnecessary risks.

All the forms

Find the right forms for accident insurance and AHV with the click of a button.

This is how it works:

1. Create a free profile

You have found a suitable domestic helper at Homeservice24? Then create a free profile at, our employment assistant. With just a few clicks you can get started.

Go to Fairboss

2. Create a new employment

Now you can create your first employment. You enter your data and the data of your domestic helper. Also, Fairboss will ask you for information about your employment, such as the start date of the employment, the number of your helper's working hours and salary. You can use this information later to fill in cantonal forms or to create your employment contract with just one click.

3. Take out accident insurance

Accident insurance is compulsory in Switzerland and protects you against the financial consequences of an accident involving your domestic helper during working hours. In most cases, accident insurance costs CHF 100.- per year – with all providers. The costs are carried by the client and may not be passed on to the domestic helper.
With Fairboss you can take out accident insurance directly online with just a few clicks.


Compulsory accident insurance

You can also take out accident insurance independently from Fairboss. In our guide, you will find more information about the insurance and an application form to take out accident insurance within a few minutes.

More about accident insurance

4. Register social security

If you register your housekeeper legally, you register them with the important social security. This protects the domestic helper later on from the negative consequences of invalidity, loss of earnings and unemployment. This is a given for any other job – those who work as domestic helpers should be equally covered.

Fairboss provides you with the appropriate form for your canton to download and the address to which you must send the completed form so that you can easily register your housekeeper. To complete the registration, print out the form, complete it and send it back.
Please note: You have 30 days after employment to register your housekeeper.

5. Create your employment contract

It is best to record everything you agree on with your domestic helper in an employment contract. This includes agreements on working hours, wages, holidays, illness, etc. You can download a suitable employment contract template from Fairboss.

With Fairboss premium you can save yourself the trouble of filling it out and create an individual employment contract with just one click. For this purpose, Fairboss uses the data about you, your housekeeper and the employment that you provided earlier.

6. Draw up payroll accounting

With Fairboss, you can record the working hours of your domestic help and draw up hourly pay slips – if necessary with automatic calculation of the family allowance and other wage adjustments. On the pay slip, you can see at a glance your housekeeper's salary and taxes for the month.
You can create automatic pay slips free of charge for 3 months with the Fairboss base membership. After that, you can use this and all other features of Fairboss with the premium membership.

Now it's your turn!

Hire your domestic help legally and save up to CHF 1,300 compared to an employment agency. We are happy to help you with this.