"I finally have enough time for the grandchildren!"

After a long search through Homeservice24, Roswitha from Lucerne has finally found a domestic helper who completely meets her needs. For the senior citizen, the most important thing is that she can trust her household help 100 percent!


Roswitha and Hans have found the domestic help they trust on Homeservice24.

What motivated you to look for a domestic helper?

Roswitha: My husband and I are now retired. We recently moved into a new flat to be closer to my daughter and two grandchildren. When we were still working, we lived near Bern and could usually only visit family on weekends.

Now we all live together in a neighbourhood and can look after our grandchildren every afternoon when my daughter is still at work. The little ones always get a hot lunch then, but they also leave behind quite a mess. There is a lot of work to do, and at my age I just don't want to do it all by myself. That's why we looked around for a cleaning lady and found one right away at Homeservice24.

“I just don't want to do all the housework completely on my own anymore.”

What do you expect from a domestic helper?

Roswitha: It is important to me that I can trust her. After all, a complete stranger came to our flat in the beginning. Earlier in our professional lives we had occasional help in the household from a professional cleaning company, but it was always someone else coming to our house. I never really liked that!

Now we have a permanent cleaning lady whom I know and whom I can trust 100 per cent. After all, you don't want anyone blabing about how things are at home. And I can be absolutely sure of that with her!


It's a great help for me to have the cleaning and ironing taken off my hands. For us, the whole thing has definitely been worth it!

Has your lifestyle changed as a result of having a domestic helper?

Roswitha: Yes, it has! Fortunately, things are often different today, but in my generation the housework is mostly left to us women. My husband has many talents, but housekeeping is definitely not one of them. That's why it's a great help for me to have the cleaning and ironing done for me. So now I finally have time for the important things in life - and for me those are my grandchildren. For us, the whole thing was definitely worth it!

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