"As a domestic helper, I can build something for myself here."

Maria is 26 years old and moved to Zurich from Portugal with her boyfriend in 2018. She loves her home country, but after finishing school and dropping out of university, she didn't want to continue living with her parents and being on their pockets like many of her peers.


Maria has built her career as a domestic helper on Homeservice24 – the largest platform for cleaning jobs in Switzerland.

How did you come to work as a domestic helper in Switzerland?

Maria: In my home country, it is unfortunately still difficult for young people to find a permanent and reasonably well-paid job. After I had to give up my studies, I moved back to my hometown of Coimbra to live with my parents. However, I didn't find a permanent job there for months. My boyfriend felt the same way. So we decided to go to Switzerland together to work.

When I arrived here, I immediately started looking for a job. Since I had already gained experience as a cleaner in Lisbon while studying, I registered with Homeservice24 as a cleaner. And after just one week, I had my first job!

“With an hourly rate of CHF 30 gross, I earn about CHF 28.80 net.”

So the start in the job was not difficult for you?

Maria: The demand for domestic help here in Zurich is great and the selection of job offers on the platform is huge. Homeservice24 is the largest provider in this area. As soon as you have a few experiences and references, it's no problem at all to find enough jobs to make ends meet.

What motivates you to work as a domestic helper?

Maria: I like to get in touch with different people every day and to get an insight into the many different lives. An office job would simply not be for me. I need the variety! Besides, I can improve my German a little every day. And I even teach some customers a little Portuguese.

And I also find the payment very fair: I don't have to give any commission to Homeservice24 from my salary. So with an hourly rate of CHF 30 gross, I earn about CHF 28.80 net.

Would you recommend Homeservice24 to other domestic helpers?

Maria: Definitely, in fact I already have! A school friend of mine couldn't find a job in her home country either and went to Bern. Since then we have been in touch again and visit each other regularly. I advised her to get listed on Homeservice24, because it's hard to work as a cleaning lady anywhere else in such a free, independent and flexible way. Since then she has also registered.

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