"Our office has never been so tidy!"

Christiane is 56 years old and runs a successful tax consultancy firm in Basel. She has 15 employees and has rented a correspondingly large office space in the city centre. Clients come in and out of the office every day - so everything has to be clean and tidy at all times.


After the tax consultancy had grown, a cleaner was needed to keep the rooms tidy and clean. Christiane found what she was looking for at Homeservice24.

What motivated you to look for a cleaner for your office?

Christiane: When we moved into our new office space, one thing quickly became clear: we need a cleaner to keep things tidy and clean a few times a week. In the past, we had fewer people in the office and were able to take care of the necessary cleanliness ourselves - even if it was more bad than good. But that's definitely over now!

“Our cleaner has been absolutely reliable. I wouldn't want to do without her!”,

What do you expect from a cleaner?

Christiane: For us, flexibility and discretion are the most important criteria when choosing a cleaner. Homeservice24 fulfilled these requirements right away with its large selection of service providers. I invited the first five applicants to a trial appointment and we already had a favourite. Since then, three times a week in the evening, she has been absolutely reliable in ensuring that we find a perfectly cleaned office the next morning. I wouldn't want to do without her!

Have you employed the cleaner permanently?

Christiane: Of course! As tax advisors, we know only too well the consequences that companies face when they have illegal employment relationships. Therefore, it was always clear to me that our cleaner would be a permanent employee, just like all my other employees.


Everyone is in a better mood when they find a clean workplace in the morning and can then fully concentrate on their work.

Do you prepare the office for regular cleaning?

Christiane: Everyone in our office knows that they have to leave their workplace tidy and orderly at the end of the day. To be honest, I'm more concerned about the impression our office makes on our clients than about making the work easier for our cleaning staff. But it is a pleasant side effect!

Has the atmosphere in the office changed since you got a cleaner?

Christiane: Yes, definitely! Everyone is in a better mood when they find a clean workplace in the morning and can then fully concentrate on their work.

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