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Cleaning help needed in Zug
6300 Zug Cleaning, Ironing and Housesitter
I’m searching for a lovely, serious, reliable lady to work in housekeeping. English or Romanian language are a plus.
Looking for cleaning service in Walchwil
6318 Walchwil Cleaning and Housesitter
manage home with 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, ironing, cooking and all the others thinks involved with the housekeeping of the home
Housekeeping for approx 5 hrs per week
6300 Zug Cleaning
Hi! We are looking for someone to help with house cleaning, errands etc. To start with, just for approx. 5 hours a week but this will likely increase with time. Apartment is three bedroom, two bathroom. Must be experienced, speak English and have […]
3h every two weeks for housekeeping
6300 Zug Cleaning
Hi! We are looking for a professional person to help with regular housekeeping.
Housekeeping, cleaning, ironing
6340 Baar Cleaning
Need a housekeeper for Baar. 3 bedroom flat near train station.
Part-time housekeeper
6318 Walchwil Cleaning
We’re looking for part-time housekeeping help (for approximately 3 times a week for 4 hours a day) for laundary, disheWe are a family of four in Walchwil looking for a part-time housekeeper. This is for approximately 3-4 times a week( 3-4 hours a […]
6340 Baar Cleaning and Housesitter
Für wochentliche 5.5 Zimmer Wohnung Reinigung, evt. Bügeln AHV und Unfallversicherte Person gesucht.
Part-time Housekeeping
6315 Oberägeri Cleaning
Good day! Position available for part-time housekeeeping, at least two days per month plus additional on-call needs (1-3x per month). Schedule is flexible, contact me for further details. Christos :)

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