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Looking for housekeeping help and nanny
4142 Münchenstein Cleaning and Gardening
We are looking for someone to help us with the housekeeping 2-3times a week and at times also nanny services for our small baby. We are looking for someone reliable, with experience in similar jobs, who enjoys this work and has attention to […]
I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in Basel
4058 Basel Cleaning and Ironing
We are looking for housekeeping support and eventually for babysitting. Frequency and time are flexible.
I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in Binningen
4102 Binningen Cleaning and Ironing
Looking for housekeeping/ironing help 6 -8 hrs/week
4133 pratteln Cleaning
ich suche eine zuverlässige, saubere und tüchtige Putzfrau, die auch bügeln kann. estoy buscando una responsable, limpia mujer que gusta limpiar y avecec planchar. i am looking for a responsable, gentle woman who likes to do the Housekeeping. […]

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