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Flat cleaning 2 x a month
3074 Muri bei Bern Cleaning
We are a family of two looking for a self-motivated, reliable, happy and honest domestic helper to join our family 2 x a week (saturday mornings) Main Houshold Duties include: Housekeeping general Laundry and ironing
3006 Bern Cleaning
1 time per week; wednesdays or thursdays (preferred) during the week: General household cleaning as follows: Approx 4hrs Washing/ vaccuming/ dusting (wet and dry): floors, counters, shelves, carpets; wood and non wood furnishings, decorative […]
3073 Gümligen Cleaning
Goodmorning, we are a French/English/Italian speaking family and we are looking for a serious part-time housekeeper available sometimes also for babysitting for a 7 years old girl. Some basic cooking skills would also be appreciated. If you are […]

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