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Cleaning help needed in Zürich
8046 Zürich Cleaning, Ironing and Housesitter
4.5 Zimmer, need for 3days min in a week. Need cleaning the house, ironing and house sitting.
Live-in Housekeeper
8032 Zurich Cleaning and Housesitter
Hi we are looking for a housekeeper/nanny in ZH. We are 4 of us (2 adults and 2 children). Ironing, house setting, washing, cleaning are required with also basic knowledge of cooking. Flexible in coming with us or with the children out of the […]
I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in Zurich
8004 Zurich Cleaning and Ironing
3 room apartment needs cleaning on a regular basis. Maybe some ironing
House keeper
8002 Zürich Cleaning and Ironing
House cleaning, ironing, We are a couple living in city centre and have a Appartment with two bedrooms, I am looking for a help three hours , 5 to 6 days a week
Cleaning & Housekeeping
8005 ZURICH Cleaning
We are looking for someone who is extremely reliable,organized,hygenic and can clean our house 2-3 times a week,fold laundry,iron, organize our wardrobes,pantry,fridge and occasionally clean our cellar.
Cleaning Apartment
8134 Adliswil Cleaning and Ironing
Hi! I live in Adliswil and am looking for someone who will make a good effort to clean my 125m2 apartment and do some ironing. I live in the apartment with my small daughter. I am looking for a friendly person who I can trust. I would like […]
in Zollikerberg
8125 Zollikerberg Cleaning
Looking for weekly cleaning and ironing help for 2 hours for 3 rooms and a bathroom flat. All cleaning equipments are provided.
Housekeeper 15hrs a week
8802 Kilchberg Cleaning
We are looking for an English speaking housekeeper to work with us in Kilchberg. The role is for 15-16 hours a week and 3 times a week. If you are good with kids, it's even better because we have daughters aged 6 and 10. There is flexibility on […]
cleaning, ironing, personal assistance
8700 Küsnacht-ZH Cleaning
I travel a lot. When I am in Switzerland I need someone that can help me with light household, ironing (jeans, polo shirts, shirts), help with some light admin tasks in the office, eventually some kind of private assistance. I can offer live-in […]
Cleaning and ironing 4/5 hrs per week. English speaking.
8008 Zürich Cleaning and Ironing
British family with 2 daughters (during school holidays). Large duplex apartment in Seefeld, Zūrich. Once a week cleaning and a little ironing. Equipment provided.
I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in Zürich
8047 Zürich Cleaning and Ironing
4.5rooms app, hoovering, dust cleaning, 2bathrooms, kitchen. 1x / week, ca 3 hrs, ironing shirts, every 2 weeks 1-1.5hrs.
I'm looking for cleaning / ironing / gardening help in Brüttisellen
8306 Brüttisellen Cleaning and Ironing
I'm looking for cleaning / ironing / gardening help in Brüttisellen
Putzfrau help
8700 Küsnacht Cleaning
Couple looking to hire someone to clean and help organize our flat in Küsnacht. Once every week/or every other week, 10-20 hours per month. If you are a good organizer, more hours will be available. Prefer mornings but we can be flexible. […]
Cleaning help needed in Rüschlikon
8803 Rüschlikon Cleaning, Ironing and Housesitter
168 mts daily cleaning, washing and ironing. Also possible sitting 5 year old girl and sometimes small dog. Daily job 20-25sfr Zero July August June September June zero April August February
House clearning / Ironing - 2 hours every 2 weeks
8006 Zurich Cleaning
Looking for someone to help me with Ironing/house cleaning 1 time every two weeks.
I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in Schwerzenbach
8603 Schwerzenbach Cleaning and Ironing
Hello, I have a 4.5 room apartment - 2.5 rooms, 1 living area , 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms. I live with my husband and are an extremely cleanliness people so usually you wont have a lot of work to do. Need 2-2.5 hours on Saturday mornings […]
I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in Zürich
8047 Zürich Cleaning and Ironing
3.5 room apartment: 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. 2 hours, on ad-hoc basis (approx. every 2-3 weeks)
I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in Urdorf
8902 Urdorf Cleaning and Ironing
I am looking for help with ironing to start with. 2hrs a month, every other week. Cleaning help in the future...hoover, mop, bathrooms. We speak English, Portuguese, German and French.
Looking for cleaning service in Langnau am Albis
8135 Langnau am Albis Cleaning, Ironing and Housesitter
6 rooms and a living room need to be cleaned, 4 bathrooms need to be cleaned . 3 hours in a day, one or 2 days a week. And ironing
Looking for cleaning service in Erlenbach
8703 Erlenbach Cleaning and Craftsman
I am looking for a reliable and experienced housekeeper for a 5 room apartment + ironing. If possible wednesdays but I am flexible. Look forward to hearing from you.