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Part time housekeeping members required - SVH
6003 Luzern Cleaning
We are looking for a part-time housekeeping team member for our team. Work starts from 10:00 till 14:00/15:00 5 days a week Cleaning includes - making beds - cleaning kitchen - cleaning toilets - dusting and vacuuming - mopping […]
cleaning and housekeeping jobs
6000 Luzern Cleaning, Gardening and Housesitter
honest and hardworking person
Putzfrau gesucht in Stadt Luzern
6005 Luzern Cleaning
Looking for someone to do housekeeping regularly in a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment in the city of Lucerne. About 3hrs/every 3weeks You can answer me in : English, French, Spanish or German.
Cleaning lady, 4 hours per week
6402 Merlischachen Cleaning
We are a couple (60+, no children) looking for a cleaning lady to assist with general housekeeping and laundry (including ironing). Engagement will be for 4 hours per week in Merlischachen. Ideally looking for a candidate who speaks English […]

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