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I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in Pully
1009 Pully Cleaning and Ironing
Cleaning the apartment and ironing if there are enough clothes
House cleaning
1009 Pully Cleaning
5 rooms and 2 bathrooms need to be cleaned
Cleaner - intendante pour menage et repassage
1005 Lausanne Cleaning
Bonjour, je recherche une employée méticuleuse et appliquée, ayant le sens du détail pour 5h par semaine le lundi entre 8h et 13h et extras régulièrement le jeudi après-midi ou le vendredi matin afin de tenir un appartement (ménage et repassage) […]
Cleaning help needed in Lausanne
1010 Lausanne Cleaning, Ironing and Housesitter
I have 2 apartments. 1 with 1 bedroom and bathroom the other has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. I need help on a part-time basis. Looking for a trusted cleaner, flexibility, punctuality & attention to detail are a must! Requested hours, 11.00 […]
Passionate detail oriented cleaner requested
1090 La Croix (Lutry) Cleaning
Cleaning 4 hours twice a month in the morning hours. I am incredibly detailed and would like to work with someone who pays attention to detail and cleaning with little direction. Cleaning efficiently (i.e. spraying the counters then cleaning […]
Looking for cleaning service in Lausanne
1005 Lausanne Cleaning
I have 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 balcony and 2 bathrooms. i am looking for someone to clean my house. The house is new. If i like the work, i will continue the service on a monthly basis.
Looking for cleaning service in Saint-Sulpice
1025 Saint-Sulpice Cleaning
General cleaning, hoovering, mopping floor, bathrooms, bedrooms
I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in Lausanne
1000 Lausanne Cleaning and Ironing
4 rooms and a bathroom need to be cleaned. 4 hours on Thursdays
3 rooms and 1 bathroom need to be cleaned, tools will be provided
1004 Lausanne Cleaning
Hello! I live in Lausanne in a one bedroom apartment. I need help with cleaning and ironing. There are a total of 4 rooms, about two hours on weekday evenings or weekends. Thank you!
House cleaning and ironing
1006 Lausanne Cleaning
I need general house keeping including cleaning and ironing. The apartment is 2.5 pieces, about 50 sq meters. New built, very well maintained. I keep my apartment very tidy so it needs little work. This job offer is for 1.5 hour per week: 1 hour […]
House cleaning for 2 hrs per month
1005 Lausanne Cleaning
3 rooms, kitchen and a bathroom need to be cleaned. 2 hours per months. All tools are provided.
Cleaning help needed in Lausanne
1003 Lausanne Cleaning, Gardening, Craftsman and Housesitter
Need filipino cleaning lady to help for ironing, cleaning
House cleaning 4-5 hrs per week
1066 Epalinges Cleaning
4 bedrooms, 3 toilets, kitchen, living room, dining. All tools provided
Ironing and house cleaning for 2 hours per week
1007 Lausanne Cleaning
3 BR apartment to be cleaned. Clothes to be ironed.
House cleaning once
1006 Lausanne Cleaning
2 rooms, corridor, kitchen and bathrooms are needed to be cleaned with vacuum cleaner, wet cleaning, dust removal Small and standard fridges defrosted and cleaned Stove to be cleaned outside and inside Three windows to be cleaned - inside and […]
Housee cleaning for 3 hrs/wk
1225 Villette Cleaning
Apartment of 2 bedrooms, living, dining rooms and kitchen, 1 bathrooms, small shower and guest washroom: Rooms need to be dusted and vacumed and the kitchen impeccably cleaned and organised.
Cleaning lady
1009 Pully Cleaning and Housesitter
4,5 rooms, 5 hours weekly, cat at home. Flexible on days
House Cleaning
1000 Lausanne Cleaning
Two rooms with kitchen. Deep cleaning needed mostly.
1000 Lausanne Cleaning
A house with one room and one bathroom! 3 hours on saturday to clean the room!
House cleaning for 5 hrs every other week - English speaking
1006 Lausanne Cleaning
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms and a dining table. 5 hours every other week. Looking for someone who can speak English and is very precise and proactive. Both ironing and cleaning needed. All cleaning products will be provided.