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I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in St. Gallen

9000 St. Gallen Cleaning and Ironing
I have a small apartment which has a living area/ sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom and small balcony. I need help with the cleaning and ironing once per week for 2 hours. I can provide all the cleaning equipment and Dyson cordless hoover. I travel […]

Private Putzhilfe gesucht in St. Gallen

9000 St. Gallen Cleaning
Reinigung von einer Küche, ein Esszimmer, ein Klo, ein Speisekammer und ein Treppenhaus wöchentlich. Putzmittel sind vorhanden sowohl wir Staubsauger. Eine Stunde wöchentlich wäre perfekt. Cleaning of one kitchen, dining area, and toilet as well […]

Private home service needed in St. Gallen

9000 St. Gallen Cleaning
2 room apartment with small Kitchen and 2 small bathrooms. Also needing window cleaning and have no cleaning tools here

Private home service needed in St Gallen

9000 St Gallen Cleaning
Small 1 bedroom apartment, would need cleaning only for bathroom and kitchen (small). Tools can be provided. One time cleaning.

Cleaning Ironing

9000 St.Gallen Cleaning
Hi I have a small apartment where i need help with cleaning and ironing. Thanks

Cleaning Apartment in Zwyssigstrasse

9000 St Gallen Cleaning
Hello. I'm looking for someone to clean my apartment before I give it back to the former tenant. Everything is already cleaned (no trash, no dirty kitchen, etc). But needs a second cleaning. I believe it will be a 3h - 4h job.

Irregular house cleaning services

9008 St. Gallen Cleaning
Three bedroom appartment: needs cleaning + ironing and folding. Should require about two hours.

3 hours cleaning apartment on 18th or 19th or 20th of december

9010 St Gallen Cleaning
I am leaving St Gallen after 4 months living in a flat in Rotmonten. I need help to do the final clean of the apartment in order to leave it as clean as possible. The cleaning day should be 18th or 19th or 20th of December, just for three hours

Private home service needed in St. Gallen

9000 St. Gallen Cleaning
1 room to be cleaned once, deep cleaning and all of the items in the room to be put in boxes. I have rented the room for my studies at the university of St. Gallen , but cannot go back to take them, due to the Virus.

Cleaning aid

9000 St Gallen Cleaning
1 bedroom 1 bathroom 1 living room and kitchen.

Wohnungsreinigung 2.5 Zimmer

9011 st. gallen Cleaning
ich suche eine reinigungskraft für einen zweiwöchentlichen Einsatz. abstauben, parkett feucht aufnehmen, bad und küche reinigen. 2 stunden pro einsatz i am looking for a housekeeper. just a small 2.5 room flat. need you twice a month for […]

I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in St. Gallen

9016 St. Gallen Cleaning and Ironing
3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 dining room and kitchen need to be cleaned. 4 hours (weekday flexible but needs to be in the morning). All tools are provided. We have 2 adults, 1 baby and 2 cats in the apartment.

Looking for cleaning service in Teufen

9053 Teufen Cleaning
Looking for a cleaner to clean once a week for 2-2.5hrs, 2x bathrooms, kitchen, dusting and clean floors. Must have own car as we live in Teufen and the bus isn't very regular. Would like an English speaker. All tools provided. 25chf […]

Cleaning lady needed in Speicher

9042 Speicher Cleaning
hi ich möchte sie gerne kontaktieren Ich möchte wissen ob sie Kleinigkeiten indischer Kuche kochen können

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