Introducing household or gardening helpers to their roles

Introducing household or gardening helpers to their roles

Checklist for introduction

In order to make sure that you do not forget anything during the introduction of the household helper and to ensure that the individual in question quickly finds his or her bearings with you, you should go through the following points.

Inform the household helper about:

  • The work to be completed
  • How thoroughly the work should be performed
  • Where working materials such as cleaning agents are kept (where applicable)
  • Whether and what food and beverages are intended for consumption by the household helper
  • The functioning of the most important devices (iron, vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, cooker, etc.)
  • Which rooms may and may not be entered
  • If applicable: how the alarm system works
  • Rules which generally have to be adhered to

In an emergency:

  • Where bandages and possibly medication are kept
  • Telephone numbers on which you can be reached
  • The location of the fuse box
  • Where torches, candles, etc. are kept