Basic information on safety and quality

Basic information on safety and quality

We support you in your search for the appropriate householder helper, but are unable to test every single applicant in person. Always make sure to take a close look at several household help offers and invite the individuals you would like to consider for a personal meeting at a neutral location. Make your decision on which individual can best meet your expectations on the basis of your personal impression, as well as his or her qualifications and references.

Every registration at Homeservice24 is subjected to a multi-step quality assurance process:

  • In order to protect personal privacy, no personal details such as telephone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses are published
  • Contact is only possible for registered users
  • Contact is made via an anonymous form

Safety precautions for the protection of household helpers

We have taken the following safety precautions on our websites:

  • Employers are required to register and must save their billing details and address. This ensures that the misuse of the service through the provision of incorrect details can largely be ruled out. This data is, of course, protected
  • No personal details such as last names, telephone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses are published
  • Inappropriate content can be reported to us via a corresponding link

Make sure to only ever contact employers using the online form. This guarantees your anonymity and safety. You can also assume that anybody offering a job who responds using the form is serious, as he or she has paid to make contact and we therefore know his or her identity. Should anybody attempt to circumvent this mechanism, please report the individual in question immediately to our Customer Support team.