Hiring tips for domestic helpers

As we see it: A legal employment is self-evident for every job. If you work as a domestic helper or cleaner for one or more private individuals, you can benefit from the advantages of being employed, for example holiday bonuses and continued payment of wages during sick leave.

In the following, you can read about further advantages of legal employment for you and what exactly has to be done for it.


Sort out formalities

Good to know: Your customers will arrange for your employment.

First, you are registered for social security. This covers you in case of unemployment or illness. To register for social insurance with the Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (Alters- und Hinterlassenenvorsorge or AHV), the person hiring you, needs personal details such as your address, date of birth and AHV number (if already available).

If your employer chooses the simplified accounting procedure for AHV, the taxes will be deducted directly from your gross wage. And your net wage will be paid to you. The two advantages for you are that you do not need to worry about paying your income taxes yourself, as well as benefiting from a low withholding tax rate.

Hint: With our free employment assistant Fairboss, your customer can complete the employment process in just a few simple steps. Feel free, to share this advice.


Your advantages with legal employment

As a domestic helper, legal employment comes with many advantages:

  • You have an employment contract where all details are clearly and bindingly stated.
  • You are protected by labour law and cannot be laid off just like that.
  • In your job as a cleaner, you are entitled to sick pay and additional holiday pay.


The advantages for customers

Customers also enjoy numerous advantages by contractually employing a domestic helper in their private household:

  • Through the contract of employment, all working conditions are settled verifiably.
  • The customer can rely on their domestic help to show up reliably and to do their work.
  • By a legal employment, customers avoid the penalties imposed for a lack of work permit, undeclared work or illegal employment.


Important: mandatory accident insurance

The person who employs you is obliged to take out an accident insurance policy for you. Accident insurance covers the costs resulting from an accident at work, for example on your commute or during your work in a private household.

This means: The accident insurance will cover the costs for your medical care and your loss of earnings in the event of an accident. This offers you and your customer additional security.

When you work as a domestic worker, make sure you remind your customer to take out accident insurance for you. By the way: Accident insurance is always tied to the insuring household. In case you work in more than one household, each one of them has to take out its individual accident insurance.


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