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Cleaning lady wanted

8543 Kefikon ZH Cleaning
We are a small family of 2 (baby will arrive in May) and we are searching for a cleaning lady. The hours of work is about 4 hours a week and we may need you more from time to time for deep cleaning like cleaning windows etc. We are flexible with […]

Cleaning lady

8406 Winterthur Cleaning
Hello, We are a couple expecting our first child in February and therefore need help in cleaning and ironing. It would be once a week cleaning and ironing would only be every other week. I would prefer someone from the Philippines as I am a […]

Cleaning lady needed in Lufingen

8426 Lufingen Cleaning
Need help with cleaning empty apartment. 1 bedroom , 1 bathroom , kitchen , window cleaning.

Cleaning apartment

8406 Winterthur Cleaning
We're looking for some help with cleaning our apartment once or twice a month - depending on the need. We have a 4.5 room apartment with 110m2 + a 12m2 terrace.

Putzfrau gesucht in Winterthur

8404 Winterthur Cleaning
3 bedroom 2 bathroom, 2 hours each on Friday, staubsauger, mopping, toilet cleaning, sometimes extra cleaning when required

House cleaning for ca 2 hrs per week

8413 Neftenbach Cleaning
3 rooms , kichen , two bathrooms and floor cleaning .

Weekly Cleaning

8307 Effretikon Cleaning
I currently became a mother and I need help on a weekly basis for cleaning a two bedroom apartment, some ironing may be required occasionally. My German is limited so I would prefer to hire someone with basic English knowledge.

Cleaning help needed in Lufingen

8426 Lufingen Cleaning, Ironing and Gardening
Need someone once a month for deep cleaning like inside cabinets, refridgerator etc and windows on Thursday

I'm looking for cleaning and washing help in Winterthur

8400 Winterthur Cleaning and Ironing
4 rooms and and 2 bathrooms need to be cleaned and washing loaded and folded. 2 hours on Thursdays. All tools are provided

Cleaning lady needed in Winterthur

8400 Winterthur Cleaning
Hello, We have three rooms, living room and bathroom need to be cleaned. Most tools are provided. We want it to be done on 18.01

Cleaning job offered in Winterthur

8408 Winterthur Cleaning, Ironing and Housesitter
3.5 rooms and two bathrooms need to be cleaned. All tools and detergents are provided. 2 hours on Thursdays.

Hilfe für mit unserem Haus

8352 Elsau Cleaning and Craftsman
Hello! We are looking for someone who can help us with ou house: -weekly house storing and cleaning (aprox 4hours a week) -cloth ironing (approx 1hour a week) -small handy work (ponctual): fix tap, fix broken window and broken window stores […]

We are looking for cleaning and ironing help in Bassersdorf

8303 Bassersdorf Cleaning, Ironing and Housesitter
Looking for someone we can fully trust & reliable. 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen need to be cleaned on a weekly basis. In addition from time to time some ironing would be needed. 3 or 4 hours per week. 25 chf / h with work […]

Suche Putz- und Bügelhilfe in Augwil

8426 Augwil Cleaning and Ironing
Hello, I am looking for cleaning lady for 4.5 Rooms apartment for 5,6 hours once in a week. Thank you!

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