Employ your housekeeper correctly - with

Employ your housekeeper correctly - with

Thank you for your interest in fair employment!

We at Homeservice24 believe that an employment should be legal, transparent and above all, fair. That is why we have developed for our customers. Correct employment is better for everyone than illegal work. You don't have to worry about being fined and the employee benefits from social benefits and insurance.

What is is an online tool for correct employment, developed by Homeservice24 and a team of employment specialists.

How does work?

Quite simple! Lisa guides you step by step through the entire employment process. All you have to do is follow her instructions.

Who is Lisa?

Lisa is your virtual personal employment assistant on In order to ensure that all processes can be handled quickly, logically and comfortably for you, Lisa always accompanies you.

Meet Lisa from

With Lisa's help, you will complete the employment process in no time:

✔️ AHV registration & insurance

✔️ Work contract

✔️ Payslips

In most cases, it takes around 30 minutes to set up a correct employment. Your time is thereby well invested: Direct employment saves you a lot of money.

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What does cost?

To hire your household help, using the basic version of is completely for free. Forms for AHV and mandatory insurance, model contract and the first payslips are included.

We also offer a premium option that enables you to create a tailor-made employment contract at the click of a mouse, calculations for the annual salary declaration and other additional functions. The advantages are listed here. Fairboss Premium costs only CHF 35 per year (equivalent to CHF 3 per month) and saves you unnecessary work, such as customising the employment contract and setting up further payslips by yourself.

Why should I use

Because the myth 'hiring your household help by yourself is too complicated - paying in black is more convenient' is a nonsense and not fair towards your household help. With, hiring is very simple and feasible for everyone.

Undeclared work is perhaps convenient for the neighbour. However, we know that an undeclared job has major disadvantages for you and your domestic help (or can bring disadvantages if, for example, an accident occurs). And last but not least, undeclared work is of course illegal.

With Homeservice24 and you save up to CHF 1500 / year anyway, compared to alternative placement and employment models.

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