COVID-19: You can count on our support

COVID-19: You can count on our support

Housekeepers: Still allowed and widely appreciated

The corona virus puts us all in a difficult position. We are called upon to observe "social distancing" and hygiene regulations. In the work of a cleaning lady or garden helper this is better possible than in many other jobs. With appropriate caution, there is no increased health risk.

Domestic helpers are still allowed to work at your home and relieve you. This has not changed.

If the work piles up in the household, you will find the professionals for it with us. Use the time now to meet the right person online. The start of work can wait a little longer, or you can limit yourself to the absolutely necessary assignments. Describe exactly what you are looking for, and you will surely find a suitable solution.

Health comes first - for everyone!

To protect everyone, it is essential that the rules of conduct of the Federal Office of Public Health are followed at work. It is best not to stay in the same room at the same time. Washing hands, disinfecting smooth surfaces and good ventilation are essential, both before and after use. If you feel ill, you should cancel early. If members of the household or the cleaning lady belong to the Corona risk group, very high caution is required or we advise against cooperation.

How does Homeservice24 help?

Homeservice24 will be happy to help you find the right household help. In times of Corona this may take longer under certain circumstances. Therefore, existing customers can extend their membership at a heavily discounted price if they wish. New users of Homeservice24 place a free advertisement as usual and see how many applications are received. If you then decide to get a membership, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. We provide our service completely free of charge for housekeepers and garden helpers.

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