Frequently asked questions from clients

Questions by employers about Corona

Am I still allowed to have my apartment cleaned by another person during the current Corona crisis?

The Corona crisis is turning society upside down. We are all called upon to minimize our contacts and avoid risk situations. Particularly delicate are activities where hygiene and safety distances cannot be maintained. This is not the case with cleaning apartments.

The work of household helpers is therefore still permitted. Ideally, one should avoid each other or be present in the apartment at different times. It is also important that sufficient disinfectant products are available to clean hands and surfaces.

If the measures prescribed by the Swiss Confederation are observed (no sick people, distance, hygiene) and the rooms are aired thorougly (before and after cleaning), then the risk is not great. Special care is required when cleaning for older people. In this case, it is recommended to stop visits or to reduce them to an absolute minimum. You can find a very informative radio report on the topic "May the cleaning lady still come to me" here.

Do I have to pay the wages if I cancel my household help?

Cleaning an apartment is still a permitted activity. Therefore, the rights, rules and obligations of employment relationships still apply. Therefore, if it was a regular activity (whether on an hourly or monthly wage basis), then the household help has the basic right to do the job. After all, it is not his/her fault that this situation has developed and that no compensation is received in compensation from the Swiss State for the work that has not been done.

If you decide to stop using the services of a household help, you must pay the wages for the lost hours. This has to done even if no written contract has been signed. The best thing to do is to sit down together and discuss how the situation can best be resolved. Holiday pay or a reduction in working hours can ease the financial burden - but these measures may only be decided by mutual agreement.

Especially at the present time, it is important to respect the rights of employees so that the basis for cooperation is still correct afterwards. Please remember that it is not easy to get through this period of time, especially for domestic help.

Can my household help refuse to work because she's afraid of contracting the Corona virus?

Cleaning or gardening work at your home is still allowed. With the appropriate precautions being taken, there is no undue danger posed to your household help. Hence, the refusal to work would be unfounded. Of course, it is important to seek dialogue and find out why your domestic help is actually afraid. Eventually, you may find a way to reduce the assignment to the absolute minimum and maintain the employment relationship.If the domestic worker then notices that the required distance is being kept and that hygiene measures are being observed, she will certainly feel safer.

If the refusal persists, you could terminate the employment without notice. Should an employee stop attending to work, this can be considered as an abandonment of his/her employment duties.

Questions from employers

Which means of payment are accepted?
  • Credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Postfinance
How is the quality of the household helper jobs guaranteed?

Every registration is subjected to a multi-step quality assurance process. Click here to find out what we do to guarantee quality.

How much should a household or gardening helper be paid?

The wage paid is generally a matter for negotiation. Please refer to our wage recommendations in our guide.

Do I need to insure my employee?

Yes, some insurance cover is mandatory and some is voluntary. You can find information on the topic of insurance in our guide.

What should be considered after initial contact is made?

After initial contact has been established between you and your future employee, there are additional safety precautions which you should observe:

  • When selecting the household helper, ask for references and certificates.
  • Arrange a "trial session" with your preferred individual during which you are at home while the desired work is performed. This allows you to immediately clear up and any uncertainties and answer any questions.
  • Before selecting your household helper, obtain references from former employers.

Do I need to terminate my fee-based premium subscription?
No, unlike with other providers there are no subscription traps with us. When your fee-based premium membership expires, it will automatically be converted into a free basic membership. No additional fees will be charged.
I am unable to contact a household helper. What do I need to do?
It is only possible for employers to contact household helpers and vice versa. Check whether you have mistakenly registered as a household helper instead of as an employer. If this is the case, please delete your account and re-register as an employer.
I cannot find a suitable household helper in my region. What would you advise?

Try again by changing the criteria for your search. For example, enter a higher value for the maximum distance. Search for a household helper.

I have mistakenly registered as a household helper instead of as an employer. What do I need to do now?
In this case, please delete your account and re-register as an employer as described.