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Regelmässige Reinigung kleiner Privatwohnung
4600 Olten Cleaning
Due to my business and frequent travels, i need support in cleaning of my small appartment . Foreigners also welcome. Ich bin beruflich sehr engagiert oder unterwegs, und such eine vertauensvolle Reinigungskraft die mir unter die Arme greifen […]
Cleaning help needed in Olten
4600 Olten Cleaning, Ironing, Gardening, Craftsman and Housesitter
Cleaning the appartment , everything, washing the dishes, washing the clothes.
Need help in my house
4600 Olten Cleaning
Help me for cleaning the house
Cleaning help needed in Olten
5014 Olten Gardening and Craftsman
2 hours pro week, for a house. Man and age of above 40
I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in Aarau
5000 Aarau Cleaning and Ironing
I need cleaning help for my loft apartment in Central Aarau. Once a month to begin with, and if I'm happy with the help, it will be increased to two times a month. Help wanted in Macedonian, Serbo-croatian or English ONLY
I'm looking for cleaning and ironing help in olten
4600 olten Cleaning and Ironing
washroom Cleaning, vacuuming, moping.4 bedrooms, hall, kitchen.2-3 hours on any day.All tools are provided
Cleaning job offered in Buchs AG
5033 Buchs AG Cleaning and Craftsman
one-off cleaning in Buchs AG; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and kitchen.
Putzhilfe gesucht für 6-7h pro Woche
5018 Erlinsbach Cleaning
I am looking for someone to help with cleaning and ironing tasks in my house in Erlinsbach. Estoy buscando a alguien para tareas de limpieza y planchado en mi casa en Erlinsbach.
Putzfrau 2 mal pro Monat (2 Stunden)
5000 Aarau Cleaning
I have a 2.5 room apartment that I would like to be cleaned twice per month. I can provide material for cleaning.
5000 Aarau Cleaning
I need a Housekeeper for cleaning the House. (1 bedroom, 1 bathroom , 1 kitchen, living room). Thanks in advance. Kind Regards,
House cleaning for 9 hours per week.
5000 Aarau Cleaning
- Cleaning in a 3 bedrooms apartment, 2 bathrooms. - Laundry and ironing. - Tools provided. - Long term job. - Careful and detailed.
4600 Olten Cleaning
Ich habe eine 4.5 Zimmer haus.

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